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SureClad® surestone façade details

At Shackerley, we pride ourselves on our in-house ability to design and manufacture complex and project-specific surestone cladding details, which have been used on a huge variety of surestone façade projects.

Corners, returns, and soffits, and the intersections between façade materials, are just a few of the surestone façade details we can manufacture to your specification, helping to bring your façade design to life.

Our skilled teams use our expert technical know-how to assist you with designing and detailing your façade. We can offer a mixture of standard and bespoke details to help achieve the design intent.

Need advice on the surestone façade details you need to ensure buildability, cost management and aesthetic goals are delivered on your project? Get in touch

Here are just a few of the surestone façade details that have helped create outstanding Shackerley SureClad® surestone façade projects.

Pre-assembled surestone façade returns

Providing the return leg is a maximum of 150mm, we can provide pre-assembled returns for surestone façade panels.

Returns are bracketed to face panels. This avoids any need for the installation team to put a secondary support grid in place to carry the return leg, saving time on site. It also delivers ISO 9001-certified consistency, and achieves the desired aesthetic for your surestone façade.

You can select either mitred bird’s beak edges, or open-joint square edges for your surestone façade returns with full pre-assembly.

Surestone column façade details

To create single piece column or beam units for surestone façades, we use bracketed and bonded returns, consisting of two or three panels.

“Invisibly” bonded returns

Where a bracketed returns can be used, we can “Invisibly” bond these returns, to give the impression of a single piece unit. Bonded returns are still mechanically fixed, but the bonded points use a colour-matched adhesive and are dressed to produce an “invisible” match to the stone.

Surestone bird’s beak / mitred edge façade details

With precision cutting capabilities, we provide bird’s beak mitred edges which form a traditional external corner detail. Other mitring options are available.

Surestone butt corner façade details

Our surestone façade material can also be used with a butt corner joint - where the edge of one panel is visible in front of the other – this is an alternative to a bird’s beak mitred edge. If the surestone cladding panels are made from a polished / sandblasted material, we can also polish/sandblast the panel edge.

Architectural Details

On many developments, architects like to add bespoke third party architectural details. At Shackerley, we will always try to accommodate and assist with such detailing.

f signage needs to be added to the completed façade, we can drill fixing apertures into the surestone façade panels at the correct locations.

Surestone louvre, brise soleil and vent façade details

We can produce louvre façade panels with surestone façades. We can also use waterjet cutting technology to cut out specialist shapes or vent details for surestone façades.

Surestone etched and engraved façade panels

Our etching and engraving expertise enables us to provide surestone façade panels with branding and logos within the panel face, either on a single cladding panel or across multiple panels. We can etch or engrave your surestone façade panels with precision accuracy, and either leave them as the core surestone façade panel colour, or gild them in any RAL colour.

Unitized surestone façade modules

Our manufacturing capabilities include the production of unitized surestone façade modules as installation-ready, pre-fabricated units, typically on aluminium frames, including both front façade panels and side returns. Unitized systems are a preferred method of installation for larger city centre projects.