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Sureclad® Access System

Innovative versatile system

The patented SureClad® Access system boasts an innovative Queens’ Award winning design that delivers a package of unique benefits for façade designers, installation contractors and maintenance teams.


Originally developed to install ceramic granite ventilated façades, the Access system may also be used in conjunction with surestone, crystallised glass and terracotta and even certain quarried stone panels. Requiring only one horizontal rail per course of panels, it can potentially be used to install panels up to 1200mm x1200mm (depending on façade material and panel thickness). The largest and heaviest panels offered by Shackerley will usually be fitted using the which incorporates two horizontal rails per course.


Comprising a strong and lightweight series of vertical and horizontal aluminium rails and brackets, the SureClad® Access System can be rapidly installed on site and allows for considerable flexibility in design. In conventional site constructed projects, the standard vertical ‘T’ profile and uniquely profiled horizontal rail will be used to create the substructure.

Fixing 'straps'

SureClad® Access System façade panels are supplied with two aluminium straps already fitted, secured with stainless steel undercut anchors. While the upper part of each strap is secured to the horizontal rail immediately above it (with self-drill, self tap screws) the lower part is engaged (but not mechanically fixed) into the receiving slot in the lower horizontal rail.

Advantages and benefits

The key differentiating features of the SureClad® Access System are the uniquely profiled design of the horizontal rail, and the ‘floating tail’ (described above). These elements of the design combine to create a robust yet very flexible system that has the following advantages over traditional ‘hang on’ systems:

  • Individual façade panels can be removed and refitted in isolation, without disturbing adjacent panels
  • Panels can be easily replaced in the unlikely event of damage during construction
  • There is no need to install façade panels in a particular sequence
  • Mast climbers, scissor lifts and conventional scaffolding can all be used as gaps can be left in the façade to allow for ties to made with the building
  • Exposed areas on elevation can be easily completed as access equipment is lowered
  • Vulnerable areas, eg, base courses can be installed last
  • Ease of panel removal and replacement allows for straightforward long term maintenance access to services in the cavity
  • The system can withstand considerable movement, even in seismic zones – click here to see seismic testing video
  • As only one course of horizontal rails is required per course of façade panels (excl. top and bottom), significant savings in labour and usage of aluminium may be made

Click here to see how the Sureclad® Access system is installed.