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SureClad® Hang On System

Sturdy, robust support

Shackerley supplies a wide range of contemporary and traditional façade materials in panel sizes as large as 3200 x 1600mm and in thicknesses of up to 30mm. The largest and heaviest panels in the portfolio call for a particularly strong and robust carrier support system and the SureClad® Hang On System has been designed for this purpose.

The SureClad® Hang On System will normally be installed in conjunction with vertical box sections when the largest and heaviest facade panels are specified, however it can also be combined with vertical ‘T’ profiles and used to install standard sized panels of a lower weight if required. Two horizontal rails are required to support each course of panels

Fixing brackets

SureClad® Hang On System façade panels are supplied with four or more aluminium brackets already fitted, secured with stainless steel undercut anchors. The brackets at the bottom of each panel are fixed and those at the top are adjustable. The panels are offered vertically flat to the substructure with all brackets engaging simultaneously with the horizontal rails. Adjusting bolts in top two brackets are used to make small adjustments to panel position until level.

Advantages and benefits

  • The use of two horizontal rails per course of façade panels enables the largest, thickest and heaviest façade panels in Shackerley’s range to be installed in a safe and secure manner
  • The design of the system allows for façade panels to be lifted into position onto the horizontal rails and provides full support whilst they are being levelled using the adjustment bolts built into the brackets for this purpose.

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