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Why is porcelain stone an ideal cladding material?

What are the benefits of porcelain stone cladding?

Shackerley’s porcelain stone cladding material is an exceptionally robust form of architectural porcelain stone (marketed as Porcelain Stone® in the USA). It creates attractive, versatile, long lasting and sustainable facades for any commercial building.

Is porcelain stone cladding a natural façade material?

Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone facades are made entirely from natural constituents. Our porcelain stone provides the versatility to replicate the natural beauty and variation of natural stone cladding materials, such as granite or marble, while providing a consistent and robust porcelain stone cladding system.

What colours and finishes does porcelain stone cladding provide?

At Shackerley, we can source porcelain stone for your façade in an unrivalled range of styles, colourways and finishes, providing you with a virtually infinite array of façade design options.

What size and format are porcelain stone cladding panels?

The Shackerley SureClad® range of porcelain stone cladding is available in a wide range of standard façade panel sizes and formats. Our porcelain stone facade portfolio provides excellent façade design flexibility, and our bespoke cutting service at our ISO 9001 certified factories means we can create cladding panels to meet your specification requirements.

Does porcelain stone cladding have a long service life?

Every porcelain stone cladding panel is unique, while offering consistency and providing the potential to match virtually any stone façade material. With through-body colouration, patterns and graining, our porcelain stone cladding a durable and robust façade system that will not change over time because out porcelain stone cladding material is resistant UV and freeze/thaw conditions and is virtually impervious, making it resistant to pollution, contaminants, graffiti and algae too.

What does impermeability mean for my façade?

Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone cladding is a fully vitrified rainscreen system with installation façade panels made from impermeable porcelain stone materials (as defined by BS EN14411). Our porcelain stone façade panels are resilient to extreme climate variations. Our porcelain stone cladding materials conform to all international standards for water absorption and freeze/thaw resistance too. SureClad® porcelain stone façade panels do not absorb airborne contamination or dust either, and they are resistant to algae and graffiti and impervious to even concentrated acids and alkalis (excluding hydrofluoric acid and derivatives).

Are porcelain stone facades strong?

Our porcelain stone façade panels are exceptionally hard, durable and strong. The porcelain stone cladding materials we use are completely free from fissures and flaws, offering a proven, engineered façade solution with hardness rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale - a qualitative scale that characterises scratch resistance and rates diamond as 10.

Our porcelain stone façade system is available as large format or extra-large cladding panels, enabling slab-to-slab spans with façade panels from just 12mm thick.

Is porcelain stone cladding Lightweight?

Our porcelain stone façade panels are much lighter that many alternative rainscreen systems, significantly reducing the façade loadings on the substructure and building exterior. The benefits of our porcelain stone façade systems include easier on-site handling and installation (no mechanical placement equipment is needed), resulting in a faster, less costly operation.

Is porcelain stone cladding non-combustible?

The fire resistant porcelain stone façade materials we use for Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone rainscreen system are certified as non-combustible to Class A1 when tested to BS EN13501-1. We attach a safety meshing to the rear of all our cladding panels and with our standard façade panel safety meshing system, our porcelain stone façade panels are A2-s1-d0 to BS EN13501-1, ensuring that they are suitable for tall buildings of 18m or more.

Shackerley is the only cladding company to offer the option of an independently tested and certified A1-rated safety meshing, which means that we can also offer a fully A1-rated non-combustible porcelain stone façade system, meeting the highest standards of fire safety for your building.

What are the sustainability credentials of a porcelain stone façade?

The Shackerley SureClad® porcelain stone façade system has excellent sustainability credentials, including manufacturing of the porcelain stone cladding materials and the extended, low maintenance performance of the porcelain stone façade. Our SureClad® façade system has been specified for many BREEAM and LEED rated buildings. Here’s how the environmental credentials of our SureClad® porcelain stone façade system can complement the sustainability strategy for your project.

If you register with us, you can visit the Specifier Resources area of this website to find out more about how our SureClad® porcelain stone façade system has contributed to a variety of BREEAM ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ projects.