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Façade panel sizes

Natural stones are quarried in large blocks and then cut into raw slabs for processing. Whilst the size of these blocks will vary from quarry to quarry, the maximum size of a granite slab is typically around 3000 x 1500mm and the maximum size of a limestone slab is typically around 2000 x 1200mm.

However, as stone is a natural product, obtaining sheets in the largest without flaws and defects can be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, we would always suggest the use of smaller pieces in the façade design, with a maximum surface area of approximately 1.4m2 for most granites and approximately 0.7m2 for most limestones.

It should also be noted that maximum size of a stone panel that can be mounted as part of a ventilated façade system will be limited by several factors such as the breaking strength of the stone, the thickness of panel, anticipated wind loadings and impact durability. All of these factors must be considered when specifying stone façades and the maximum panel size should be determined based on these factors. Shackerley's engineers are able to assist the façade designer in making these calculations.