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SureClad® natural stone façade details

We can design and manufacture complex and project-specific natural stone cladding details at Shackerley, with wide-ranging examples of limestone and granite façade details for a huge variety of projects.

The details we can manufacture to your specification include corners, returns, soffits, and the intersections between façade materials. Our bespoke detailing expertise can help you bring your natural stone façade design to life.

Our expert teams can assist you with the design and detailing for your natural stone façade. You can come to us for any mix of standard and bespoke details to help achieve the design intent.

Get in touch if you’d like our team to advise you on the detailing for your granite or limestone façade. We can help you deliver the buildability, cost management and aesthetic goals for your project.

Here are just a few examples of the natural stone façade details produced by Shackerley for SureClad® limestone and granite façade projects.

Pre-assembled natural stone façade returns

As long as the return leg is not more than 150mm, we can provide pre-assembled returns, which are bracketed to face panels for limestone or granite facades.

We can provide either mitred bird’s beak natural stone façade edges, or open-joint square edges with full pre-assembly. With either option, there is no need for a secondary support grid to carry the return leg, which saves time on site, while delivering ISO 9001-certified consistency. This means you can achieve exactly the granite or limestone façade aesthetic you want.

Natural stone column façade details

Using bracketed and bonded returns, we can create single piece natural stone column or beam units consisting of two or three panels.

“Invisibly” bonded returns

Where suitable, we can create “Invisibly” bonded bracketed returns for granite or limestone facades, which give the impression of a single piece unit. Created using a colour-matched adhesive, these mechanically fixed bonded returns are dressed to produce an “invisible” match to the granite or limestone used for your façade.

Natural stone bird’s beak / mitred edge façade details

We can create a traditional external corner detail using mitred edges. Thanks to our precision cutting capabilities, we can provide these details along with a wide range of other mitring options.

Natural stone butt corner façade details

We call details where the edge of one panel is visible in front of the other a butt corner joint and this is another option for our natural stone façades. Butt corner joints provide an alternative to a bird’s beak mitred edge, and these details can be polished / sandblasted where required, to co-ordinate with any polished /sandblasted natural stone material used.

Architectural Details

For projects that include bespoke, architectural details, we will work with you to ensure they can be integrated seamlessly with the SureClad granite or limestone façade.

For example, signage may need to be added to the completed façade, and if this is the case we can drill fixing apertures into the natural stone façade panels at the correct locations during the manufacturing process.

Natural stone louvre, brise soleil and vent façade details

We can also custom-manufacture louvres and brises soleil to order. With our waterjet cutting technology, we can even cut out specialist shapes or vent details for you granite or limestone façade.

Natural stone etched and engraved façade panels

If you need to incorporate branding or logos into your natural stone façade, we can etch or engrave them within the panel face. Our etching and engraving expertise means this can be done on either a single cladding panel or across multiple panels. Our industry-leading skill and equipment enable us to offer precision accuracy for all your etching and engraving requirements, we can leave these details as the core natural stone façade panel colour, or gild them in any RAL colour.

Unitized natural stone façade modules

Shackerley has a proven track record in providing unitized façade systems, which are often a preferred method of installation for larger city centre projects. We can manufacture installation-ready, pre-fabricated unitized façade modules at our ISO 9001-certified factories and these are typically mounted on aluminium frames, including both front façade panels and side returns.