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SureClad® subsystems

Comprehensive range

Shackerley manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative ventilated façade sub-structure components engineered to exceed UK and International standards. Each component has been rigorously independently tested by UKAS accredited specialists.

Originally developed in conjunction with Shackerley’s ceramic granite façade system, these components can be used to provide support for a wide range of other façade finishes including natural quarried granites, surestones, terracotta and high pressure laminates.


One of the key elements of the SureClad® ‘off the shelf’ component range is the primary support bracket which Shackerley has designed and engineered in conjunction with leading installers. The wide range of stocked sizes, combined with their ease of installation and suitability for attachment to diverse backgrounds including masonry and steel framing systems (SFS), ensures flexibility in design and efficient installation.

To complement the range of off the shelf brackets, Shackerley’s is also able to design and manufacture bespoke bracketry components to suit non-standard detailing. Typically, these special brackets are produced to work in conjunction with our 'floor to floor' spanning systems where varying specifications of floor slabs and site specific primary fixing requirements will dictate a bespoke solution.

Thermal isolation pads

The standard primary support brackets we offer for use with vertical T-profiles are supplied complete with thermal isolation pads. This simple, yet innovative feature has been incorporated to minimise the potential for thermal bridging and can help improve the efficiency of the installed ventilated system.

Vertical and horizontal rails

Extruded in high grade aluminium, Shackerley’s comprehensive range of horizontal and vertical rail profiles are engineered and tested to ensure durability and may be employed to install a wide variety of façade panels.

Vertical orientated profiles generally fall in two categories; ‘T’ type for standard installation with primary support brackets and ‘box section’ profiles used for the installation of heavy façade materials such as quarried granites and in 'floor to floor' spanning applications.

'T' Profile

'Box section' Profile

Horizontal rails include those for supplied for the SureClad® Access system - a patented profile designed by Shackerley for the installation of ceramic granite façades - and those supplied for the SureClad® Hang On system, produced to Shackerley’s own unique profile, which allow for the installation of both lightweight and heavyweight façade panels.