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The BrickClad® Façade fixing system

Designed in-house by our experienced team, the mechanical fixing system for our BrickClad® brick façade range has been engineered to provide a secure fixing for the bricks in your façade, delivering a durable mechanical fixing for an extended façade service life.

What makes the BrickClad® mechanical façade fixing system different?

Our patented BrickClad® brick façade fixing system draws on decades of façade fixing system engineering at Shackerley. Designed with both buildability and durability in mind, the fixing system improves on other façade fixing systems to provide you with complete confidence in a neat finish and a secure fix for the BrickClad® bricks.

The mechanical fixing system for BrickClad® brick façades is different because:

  • The brick cladding fixing system is made using Magnelis coated steel, which provides significantly improved corrosion resistance as compared to galvanised steel.
  • The Magnelis-dipped steel we use to fabricate our brick cladding system profiles is protected from scratches or raw edges because the Magnelis protection is self-healing, preventing any exposure of the steel material.
  • Our brick façade fixing system has been designed to hold each brick securely in place, with the steel profile gripping the edge of the brick. This reduces risk during installation and holds the bricks neatly while the mortar is applied.
  • Our BrickClad® brick façade fixing system is also available in stainless steel for coastal or harsh environments, where specifiers may prefer a stainless steel alternative.

How does our brick cladding fixing system make installation easier?

Our BrickClad® mechanical fixing system for brick façades has not just been designed to ensure your façade looks great and lasts well, it has also been developed to enable faster, more consistent and easier brick façade installation.

  • Bricks can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit the design.
  • The brick clips into the steel rail, which holds it in place while the installation continues.
  • The flat rear face of the brick façade fixing system we have designed for BrickClad® simplifies installation of fire breaks and intumescent material, reducing the risk of errors.

How we make the BrickClad® brick façade fixing system

The Magnelis steel rails for our façade fixing system for our BrickClad® façades are manufactured in-house at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories using machinery custom-designed for our system by our team.

We precision cut the sheet metal on site and use our advanced machinery to shape it into the fixing cassette profile in a quality assured process that ensures reliable consistency.

Stainless steel cassette profiles are also manufactured to order on site as required.