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How Shackerley's facade panels are made

These are the manufacturing and prefabrication processes involved in the creation of SureClad® quarried stone façade panel.

Step 1 - Raw materials

Limestone and granite are extracted from quarries around the world. Quarrying for dimension stone usually requires the use of drills and jet piercing that will not shatter the rock

Step 2 - Processing plant

The large solid blocks of stone are delivered to the manufacturing plant to await processing.

Step 3 - Cutting into slabs

Each block enters a multi wire stone saw machine where diamond impregnated wires cut the solid block into individual slabs of the required thickness

Step 4 - Surface finishing

Slabs are then subjected to different machine processes depending on the surface finish required, eg honed, bush hammered or sand textured. Granite may also be flamed or polished.

Step 5 - Delivery

Granite slabs, measuring up to approximately 3000 x 1500mm and limestone slabs typically measuring up to 2000 x 1200mm are then delivered to Shackerley where further cutting and edge profiling can be carried out