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SureClad® Terracotta system


Like all Shackerley’s market leading cladding systems, SureClad® terracotta ventilated façades are supplied to site as complete fully prefabricated systems, ready to install.

Streamlined aesthetic

Unglazed extruded SureClad® terracotta panels, supplied in a natural earthy palette of colours and wide range of sizes, are affixed with bespoke clips to a robust SureClad ® carrier system incorporating a grid of exclusively designed horizontal rails and sturdy vertical profiles.

Open jointed - closed appearance

Shackerley’s terracotta panels are installed sequentially with each panel overlapping the one below. Whilst the joints remain open the façade assumes a solid appearance. The overlapping design also affords superior protection from the elements, in particular from driving rain.

The resulting façades are free of all visible fixings and combine the contemporary streamlined aesthetic for which SureClad® external cladding systems are renowned, with the timeless appeal and natural beauty and warmth of terracotta.

Additional features

Shackerley supplies a range of anodised aluminium vertical end and corner trims, powder coated to match each of the terracotta colourways in the SureClad® Collection. These trims can be used to add a professional finish to the installation and ensure the carrier system remains completely concealed at all points across the façade

Flexible System

Shackerley offers a wide range of SureClad® primary support brackets that cater for differences in planarity across the design zone. They also allow the air space behind the façade panels to be varied to suit the building design and to accommodate thermal and acoustic insulation of the required thickness. Their thermal isolation pads minimise heat loss through thermal bridging.