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Ceramic granite tactile flooring

Tactile flooring, sometimes referred to as “foot Braille”, has been used for many years across the world to alert the visually impaired to the presence of indoor and outdoor hazards such as staircases, ramps, platform edges and pedestrian crossings.

Specific hazards are denoted by different surface configurations, profiles, and in some cases, colour. Specifications for the types of tactile paving to be used have been developed by the Mobility and Inclusion Unit of the Department for Transport and the Joint Mobility Unit of RNIB/GDBA. Detailed guidance on their use can be found in BS 7997:2003 (Annex C ? Guide to the application of tactile surfaces)

Here in the UK, Shackerley is a key supplier in this specialist sector of the flooring market offering an exceptionally hard wearing range of specially profiled ‘all weather’ ceramic granite tactile tiles, developed to comply with all nationally recognised specifications and guidelines.

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