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Bespoke elements & features

ISO 9001 accredited

Using processes and craft skills similar to those traditionally associated with quarried stone - diamond polishing, cutting, grinding, honing and prefabricating – Shackerley’s skilled artisans are able to transform ceramic granite slabs into bespoke façade elements and finely detailed components in accordance with each client’s precise requirements.

Prefabrication off-site in Shackerley’s ISO 9001 accredited production facilities in Lancashire assures the client of high standards of factory finish and can substantially reduce on-site installation work.

Soffits, reveals and corner details

Typically, soffits, reveals and corner details are produced and supplied in one piece, installation-ready units.

Additional detailing to complement the façade

More unusual detailing is also undertaken, such as the production of ceramic granite louvres that ensure visual continuity of the façade, and bespoke façade panels with apertures that allow the mounting of items as signage and brise-soleil.

Classic detail

As an alternative to the standard sleek, uninterrupted façade, the Classic Detail option is offered with Shackerley’s SureClad® hang on system. Ceramic granite panels are prefabricated in such a way that the resulting ventilated façade incorporates distinctive recessed horizontal joints. This innovative development delivers an aesthetic style reminiscent of the elegantly dressed stone exteriors of many historic and prestigious municipal buildings.

The design feature can be incorporated into ceramic granite ventilated façades installed using panels of any size, and the recessed joints can measure up to 50mm. To emphasise the effect of the recesses further still, façade and infill panels of contrasting colourways can be used.

Corner detail

Corner detailing is another way to introduce additional visual interest to the façade. Used as a standalone feature or in conjunction with Classic Detail, this facility allows specially prefabricated ceramic panels of different thicknesses, textures and colours to be used to create distinctive contrasts where two building elevations meet. Corner panels can be supplied with chamfered edges if required.

Etching and engraving

Shackerley also offers the facility to high pressure etch, engrave and precision cut ceramic granite panels to order. Examples of completed projects include the supply of large presentation plaques and a series of 99 coloured Islamic panels for a Muslim prayer room. The service is more typically used to produce complex shaped apertures within panels for such items as brise soleil and signage attachment points.