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Shackerley cladding is right on track at Newbury Racecourse

Shackerley has supplied over 3000m² of white SureClad® ceramic granite cladding for three luxurious apartment complexes at one of the UK's premier racecourses.

Carruthers Court, Chatham House and Bregawn House have been developed by David Wilson Homes in partnership with Newbury Racecourse. Two of the buildings directly overlook the racetrack, offering spectacular panoramic views from spacious tiered balconies.

The apartments were the first to be completed on land adjacent to the racecourse, as part of a ten-year homebuilding programme. Shackerley's cladding has provided a crisp and contemporary aesthetic and maintained design continuity with the neighbouring grandstand.

"We particularly wanted to reflect the sharp and angular, tiered look," said Andrew Smith, Associate at Roberts Limbrick Architects, the practice that specified Shackerley's SureClad® façade system in the designs that went to tender. "We were looking for a premium quality material with very hardwearing, durable properties that would contrast with the red brickwork and deliver that typical vernacular styling. Shackerley's SureClad® solution provided everything our client was looking for – a fantastic low maintenance façade material, and flexible installation systems to accommodate all requirements. Nothing had to be compromised."

Daniel Pavely, NRC Director at David Wilson Homes, agreed: "This is a unique development. We're not just providing living space, but a whole lifestyle. It was important that these blocks not only echoed the landscape and surrounding architecture, but also boasted a premium quality finish. Without doubt, Shackerley's product has helped us to achieve our vision."

Shackerley's most economic 1200 x 600mm façade panel format was used with a SureClad® Access system to clad balcony partitions. To reduce installation time and costs when cladding the balcony edges, Shackerley worked with the project team to design a bracketed beam unit comprising fascia, soffit and cill components which was prefabricated and delivered to site, ready to install as part of a SureClad® Hang On system. Tony Blake, Commercial Director at Speedclad, commented: "This greatly reduced the amount of framing needed, and our overall installation time. This project has helped to reinforce our view that Shackerley offers a very impressive high quality product and good value for money."