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SureClad® Ceramic Granite Graces 3 Glasgow apartment blocks

The Shackerley SureClad® Ceramic Granite cladding system has been installed to create a stunning façade with a natural stone aesthetic at the Prestigious G3 Square residential development in Glasgow.

Located in the popular Finnieston area of the city, which has become Glasgow’s coolest residential location thanks to an influx of new restaurants, shops, bars and gyms, G3 Square comprises three residential blocks and a total of 108 apartments, including penthouses. The building’s design, by Glasgow architects, Copper Cromar, references the location’s traditional tenement buildings, while using Shackerley’s SureClad® Ceramic Granite to provide a low maintenance façade with the appearance of natural stone.

As a fully certified ventilated façade system, the SureClad® Ceramic Granite non-combustible cladding used to create the façade at the G3 Square residential project in Glasgow has been fully tested and is Euroclass A1 rated, with A2-s1,d0 rated anti-fragmentation safety mesh, meeting fire safety requirements for residential developments of 18m tall or more. Shackerley’s Ceramic Granite façade panels are also non-porous, delivering excellent resistance to weathering, algae and graffiti to provide a long-term, high-quality façade finish.

The Shackerley SureClad® Ceramic Granite cladding system was chosen for the G3 Square project in a pale grey Wolseley colourway, with a natural finish and organic tones. Manufactured at one of the ISO 9001 accredited quality assured Shackerley factories in Lancashire, it was installed using the patented and Queen’s Award winning Shackerley SureClad® Access installation system. The large-format, 1198x598mm SureClad® Ceramic Granite façade panels are lightweight, which helped to minimise the structural loading of the façade on a site where there were two underground tunnels. The SureClad® Ceramic Granite panels are also exceptionally tough, measuring 8.5 on the MOHS scale of mineral hardness, which is equivalent to a masonry drill bit and provides much better abrasion resistance than most hard granites, which typically measure 5 on the MOHS scale.

The 1700m2 façade project adds to a varied portfolio of SureClad® façades in Glasgow, following previous cladding installations including recent office buildings at 177 Bothwell Street and 55 Douglas Street, and the Premier Inn hotel on Howard St, along with many others.