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BSI honours Brian Newall of Shackerley with 'International Standards Maker' Award

ISO Vice President Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha presents BSI International Standards Maker award to Brian G Newell

Brian G Newell, the founder and chairman of Shackerley Holdings Group Limited, the UK's market leading manufacturer and prefabricator of ceramic granite ventilated façade systems, has received an unprecedented award from the British Standards Institution (BSI).

At the 2014 Standards Forum held in London on November 20, Mr Newell was presented with the British Standards Institution 'International Standards Maker' award, in recognition of his 'significant contribution to the development of European and international standards' for the worldwide ceramics industry.

Mr Newell is renowned for his technical expertise in the specification, manufacture and installation of ceramic products, having worked in the industry for over 50 years. He is a founder member and director of The Tile Association (TTA) which represents every sector of the UK wall and floor tiling market and he chairs its influential Technical Committee. For the past three decades he has been heavily involved in the creation and development of the standards that underpin every aspect of the ceramic tiling industry here in the UK, across Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

Mr Newell first became involved in standards work in the 1980s when he joined the technical committee of the Master Tile Fixers Association and helped to develop and draft the very first suite of British Tile Installation Standards (BS5385 Parts 1-5) and the first Workmanship on Site Standard (BS8000).

He went on to represent BSI as Principal Expert on the working group that drafted the first set of European standards covering the design and installation of ceramic tiling, a complex undertaking that took over 12 years to complete. And for 25 years, he has represented BSI and the UK, and latterly led its delegation, on the committees tasked with harmonising all European standards for ceramics and adhesives.

Since the 2000s Mr Newell has represented BSI at a higher level still and he is now the UK Delegation Leader on the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) main Technical Committee. In 2012 he was invited to become the Convenor of a new working group established to develop the very first set of internationally recognised standards to cover ceramic wall and floor tile installation. In accepting the invitation he became the first UK delegate to be appointed as Convenor of any ISO ceramics working group.

When asked why he had devoted so much of his time over three decades to the painstaking work involved in developing standards when he also had a flourishing manufacturing business to run, Mr Newell explained:

"I'm passionate about my work at Shackerley and extremely proud of what we have achieved, especially in recent years with our ceramic granite cladding systems, but I'm equally passionate about, and committed to, my standards work. Being able to improve the core standards of quality and safety that underpin one's industry and spreading the message of Best Practice across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world is extremely rewarding in its own right. That said, I'm absolutely thrilled to receive this prestigious 'International Standards Maker' award and it's very gratifying indeed to have my contribution recognised in this way."

BSI is the world's leading standards organisation and works with over 10,000 committee members, all experts in their respective fields, to develop globally recognised best practice codes and standards that help to improve business performance and make products and services better, safer, higher quality and easier to use.