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Quarried stone ventilated façades

Enduring appeal and significance

Natural stone has been used in construction for thousands of years and has long been regarded as a premium quality building material, reflecting stability, durability and grandeur. Its enduring legacy as a traditional masonry material can be seen across the architectural landscape, in bridges and monuments, crofts and castles, cathedrals and churches, and of course in the great municipal buildings that give character to our cities. Aesthetically appealing with a broad range of styles, natural graining, veining, and multiple textures, quarried stones are unique and visually interesting, carrying intrinsic meaning and symbolism.

Stone as a cladding material

Over the last century it has become more expensive to quarry, cut and transport stone. Traditional stone masonry skills are in decline, and faced with the emergence of new and modern construction materials and techniques, today’s builders rarely use mortared stone blocks as a basic building fabric. However, demand for stone slabs remains strong as they can be used in cladding applications to create an impressive external envelope.

Ventilated façades

The modern way to install slabs of stone as a cladding material is as part of a ventilated cladding system. Shackerley is able to supply a range of fully prefabricated limestone and granite panels, ready for installation as part of SureClad® ventilated façade system. SureClad® quarried stone ventilated façades are inherently non-combustible, meeting BS EN 13501-1 Class A1 criteria.

Undercut anchorage

Stone slabs are prefabricated in exactly the same way as Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite and engineered stone, with façade fixings already secured to the rear using stainless steel undercut anchors. Depending on the panel format required, the or can be used to install the ventilated façade.