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Project Details - Waterside Court

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Project Spotlight - Waterside Court


Stride Treglown, Bristol * Original concept by Aa

Design Requirements

Shackerley achieved a ‘first’ by supplying a Sureclad ventilated ceramic granite rainscreen cladding system for Waterside Court, a residential development built for Bath Spa University College by UNITE, the UK’s largest student accommodation provider.

This was the first time that Shackerley’s ceramic granite panels had been used to clad the exterior of a property in Bath, where careful and rigorous controls are enforced over the use of building materials by Bath & North East Somerset Council in order to preserve the unique architecture, atmosphere and cohesive appearance of the City. Ceramic granite in a natural unpolished buff coloured finish was pioneered as a modern alternative to Bath Stone. Stride Treglown, the South West’s leading architectural practice, specified the material not only because of its appearance, but also because of its relatively light weight. Rainscreen panels of just 10mm thick were used. The specification was made in consultation with the local authority’s Planning Department, which agreed the ceramic granite had the tone, colour and reflectivity required and that Waterside Court should be used as a trial scheme.

Peter Maben, Divisional Director of Stride Treglown, said: “The crisp modular format of the rainscreen cladding lent itself to the precise modules of the building design. We originally considered using a buff terracotta system to replicate Bath Stone but the ceramic granite, brought to our attention by Bath & North East Somerset Council, proved to be visually more appropriate, and a more lightweight alternative, thus reducing loadings on the prefabricated modular units.”

He concluded: “Major architectural practices like Stride Treglown are working with Bath & North East Somerset Council to find new and innovative materials that have an empathy with existing buildings and help to preserve the intrinsic character of the City. Waterside Court was a ‘trial’ for ceramic granite in rainscreen cladding. We are all delighted with the results and further projects using this new, contemporary alternative to Bath Stone are now being considered in the City”.

Materials Used

1500m2 of SHG T03 ceramic granite panels in an unpolished ‘OP’ finish, each measuring 300 x 600 x 10mm were used on this residential cladding project. The project was also significant for Shackerley as its Sureclad rainscreen support system was used to provide the external envelope for a prefabricated modular development.