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Project Details - The Lighterman

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Project Spotlight: The Lighterman, Greenwich Peninsula

Specified by: CJCT

Project Overview

Billed as a ‘New London’ and a blank slate to create a completely different urban environment, the Greenwich Peninsula masterplan is possibly the most ambitious regeneration project the UK has ever seen.

Delivering 15,720 new homes across seven neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct personality and design focus, the project from entrepreneurial urban developer, Knight Dragon emphasises community, lifestyle and waterside location.

Designed by CJCT architects The Lighterman is a new 223-unit apartment complex with a high rise tower in the ‘Lower Riverside’ neighbourhood. Façade engineers, Buro Happold, were involved in decision making to ensure that the scheme’s cladding specification met the current and future needs of the design brief.

Shackerley’s ceramic granite façades have been used to clad the first three storeys of the tower.

Design Requirements

The cladding strategy was to create a prestige finish at eye level that would stand the test of time and complement the aesthetic and colour palette of the lower Riverside community, creating synergy with surrounding new build developments.

The Lighterman has a striking design with a projecting frame, which the architects were looking to envelope with white speckled façade cladding that would add interest and provide contrast, in colour and texture, with recessed curtain walling and rainscreen.

Buro Happold carried out a comparative study of suitable ventilated cladding systems and materials considering service life, durability and appearance retention of the façade over time. It was important that the chosen material would maintain its integrity and high-end aesthetic, withstanding airborne pollution and the salinity of the atmosphere.

This study confirmed the robustness of Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite system and its suitability for use in a demanding environment.

Material Used

253m2 of ceramic granite in the Definity DEF02 colourway with a natural finish was used to clad the lower storeys of the tower. Fully prefabricated SureClad® panels in the standard 1190 x 1990mm format were supplied along with a number of specially-designed bracketed sections to simplify cladding of the beam details.

Whilst the majority of panels were installed using the SureClad® Access System, Shackerley’s Hang On System was also used to fit some of the one-piece beam units.

All panels were delivered to site on a 'just in time' basis to avoid storage requirements on the constricted site.