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How Shackerley’s BrickClad® Saxony bricks are made

Step 1 - Raw materials for our brickslips

Shackerley’s Saxony bricks are made from Westerwald clays, which are world-renowned and found only in North West Germany, to ensure a high quality façade.

Step 2 - Crushing

The raw clays selected for brick cladding installation with our mechanical fixing system are crushed to remove air and inclusions. The plasticised clay is further treated in a vacuum chamber to remove residual air.

Step 3 - Brick Extrusion

The prepared clays are then extruded at high pressure through special dies to form the BrickClad® profile.

Step 4 - Brick Drying

The BrickClad® bricks are placed for a period in heat-controlled chambers, in order to reduce the residual moisture content to an acceptable level for firing.

Step 5 - Brick Firing

The BrickClad® bricks are loaded onto kiln carts for transition through the state-of-the-art kilns. Temperatures reaching 1260 ℃ irrevocably fuse the raw clay molecules to form impervious and highly-durable BrickClad® bricks.