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Brian Newell flies flag for British manufacturing in Brazil

On 5 March 2015, an eager audience of over 500 architects and other construction professionals attended a 40-minute seminar on ceramic granite ventilated façade systems presented by Brian Newell, founder and head of Shackerley.

All photography courtesy of Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos and FIAC

The event, with its remarkable turnout, was not held in the UK where the many aesthetic and technical benefits of ceramic cladding systems are well understood by the A & D community, but in Brazil where this method of constructing the outer envelope is at an embryonic stage.

The seminar was the main element of 'Constructor Day', a programme of presentations at Expo Revestir 2015, an internationally renowned trade show promoting wall and floor coverings and finishing materials held at the Transamerica Expo Centre in Sao Paulo.

Brian Newell was invited as a the keynote speaker by FIAC – the International Forum of Architecture and Construction - because of his unique credentials which include over 50 years' experience in the ceramics industry and 30 years' involvement in drafting the Standards that underpin ceramics manufacturing, specification and installation at a British (BS), European (EN) and International (ISO) level. His specialist manufacturing and prefabrication company, Shackerley, pioneered the UK market for ceramic granite ventilated cladding from the late 1990s onwards and has remained at the forefront of the sector ever since with its award winning patented SureClad® façade system

The seminar attendees learnt about the emergence of ceramic ventilated cladding systems in the UK and the characteristics of large format ceramic granite that make it an ideal cladding material. Mr Newell explored the various methods of mechanically fixing façade panels and focused in depth on the well-proven undercut anchorage method of fixing which is at the heart of Shackerley's SureClad® system. One of the highlights was a video showing the SureClad® system being subjected to simulated earthquake conditions, remaining intact throughout. The seminar concluded with an impressive gallery of completed UK cladding projects in the hotel, healthcare, retail, residential, educational, civic and commercial office sectors.

"It was a very great honour for me to be invited to speak at Expo Revestir and to fly the flag for British manufacturing in front of such a large audience of architects and construction professionals," said Brian Newell. "The concept of ceramic granite ventilated cladding is still very new in Brazil, and only a few projects have been completed in the country so far, but judging by the reactions to my seminar and the level of interest shown, there is huge potential to establish a successful market there."

As part of its export and licensing strategy, Shackerley has forged an exclusive partnership arrangement with South American ceramic giant, Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos. The two companies are now working closely together to generate specifications and sales for Shackerley's SureClad® system in new build and refurbishment projects across Brazil.