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Non-combustible SureClad® Cladding Systems from Shackerley

Shackerley is the leader in the UK ventilated rain screen façades sector, providing a unique one-stop cladding solution with quality-assured, installation-ready panels delivered to site from our ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire.

Our non-combustible SureClad® systems are ideal for both newbuild and overclad projects, offering a huge array of colourways and finishes.

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SureClad® Ceramic Granite

SureClad® Ceramic Granite

Our SureClad® Ceramic Granite system is CWCT and BBA certified and certified as A1 non-combustible to BS 13501-1. Providing a lighter, stronger and more cost-effective alternative to a wide variety of stone materials, it is non-porous, ensuring it maintains its high-end aesthetics over time. Usually installed using our Queen’s Award winning SureClad® Access primary support system, which is the only façade solution that enables non-sequential installation, SureClad® Ceramic Granite eliminates the restrictions of traditional rain screen systems.

SureClad® Ceramic Granite

SureClad® Natural Stone

Our SureClad® Natural Stone system is a non-combustible solution that can be matched to virtually any type of stone. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet specification requirements with solid, homogenous panels. Our installation-ready, natural stone, mechanically fixed panels are undercut anchored at our ISO 9001 accredited UK factories for an invisible mechanical fix, ensuring high technical performance that far exceeds other methods of stone panel installation.

SureClad® Natural Stone

Working with You for Safety, Compliance, Aesthetics and Buildability

We work collaboratively with developers, architects, construction contractors, façade engineers and façade installers to provide the right cladding solution for every project. Our range also includes SureClad® Engineered Stone and Terracotta, along with our new BrickClad® mechanically fixed brick façade systems.

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