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Swimming Pool & Spa


As specialists in the swimming pool, spa and hydrotherapy market, Shackerley supplies an extensive range of mosaics and tiles specially designed to meet the demanding requirements and aggressive conditions found in pools and wet change areas. The technical team is able to advise specifiers, installers and their clients in all aspects of swimming pool design and installation.

Single source supplier

The company offers an extensive range of ancillary products for this market and indeed acts as a single source supplier for those involved in the construction of all types of pools, from the smallest private residential project to the largest international standard facility.

Ceramic pool linings

Shackerley’s range of tank lining products extend from heavy duty extruded porcelain to silicone dot mounted, cushion edge glass and ceramic mosaic tiles.


To complete the lining of the tank, internal and external radii and angles for curved finger-grip nosings are also available.

Poolside and shower areas

With specific expertise in the area of slip resistance, Shackerley is able to advise on the use of tiles with a high co-efficient of friction to meet your health and safety requirements in wet areas. A superb range of decorative slip resistant floor tiles are available with surface textures and profiles to meet all indoor and outdoor requirements.

Finishing touches

To complete the pool installation Shackerley also manufacturers its own Shoreflow flexible and rigid overflow channel gratings and Sureseal epoxy grouts and specially formulated pool sealants

For the changing room & poolside

Shackerley is able to supply a full range of high performance lockers and cubicles for the changing room and can also supply pool covers, diving boards, hand rails and benches and grandstand seating.

For more information:

Please call our team of technical advisors on 01257 273114 to discuss your next pool, spa or hydrotherapy project or use our sales enquiry or technical enquiry forms to find out more.