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Engineered stone


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Ceramic granite is ideally suited for use in ventilated facade projects, but there may be occasions where the design brief calls for larger facade panels than can be achieved with this extraordinarily versatile and visually appealing material. We are able to offer a range of engineered stone alternatives that are produced by combining natural stone with the smallest possible quantity of highly specialised bonding agent.

The result is an exceptionally strong, aesthetically attractive and homogeneous material which is ideally suited for use in ventilated facade applications as it has none of the technical weaknesses or visual flaws of stone in its quarried form.

Our engineered stone panels are supplied in a 3060 x 1230mm format in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm thicknesses and can be cut to any size required. A wide range of colours and styles are offered and there are three different types of finish to choose from - polished, honed and sand textured.

We prefabricate our engineered stone in the same way as ceramic granite and the facade panels are installed using a Sureclad Hang On or Access system, (depending on panel weight and loadings).